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June 14 2017


Dubai Shopping Malls Business Started to Bang Dubai Tourism Growth

The Middle East is a land yet to be explored by many. In that Dubai is one of the most visited places in the world and habitat of making records, like world’s tallest tower to an international airport in the world.

It is also considered as one of the richest states in the world, required a considerable financial assist from its rich neighbors like Abu Dhabi.

This article helps you to know how  Dubai Shopping Malls business is Bang the Dubai tourism growth.

Dubai Shopping Mall Business

Dubai has turned into identical with shopping, visitors can pick the modern, Western-style shopping malls and traditional souks, so shopping is one of the city's biggest attractions ever.

Dubai shopping mall business is increasing very fast and due to population growth makes demands and spend in the retail market region. According to Dubai Chamber, there are more than 717,000 square metres of fresh new retail space will be formed in 2018.

As Jones Lang LaSalle said around 250,000 square metres of GLA(gross leasable area) was additionally added to the city’s retail growth this increase to 3.4 million square metres of GLA at the end of 2016.

The Two Mall Developer

UAE’s two biggest mall developers, Nakheel and Emaar, are increasing their stunning portfolios and reporting a strong ever growth of Dubai.

Recently Nakheel has been awarded a construction contract to build the famous shopping mall The Deira Mall, which is one of the biggest shopping, dining and entertainment destination in the world. The AED6.1 billion (US$1.7 billion) mall will boast 372,000 square metres of leasable retail space.

On the other side, Emaar Malls, the operator of the world’s famous and biggest mall, The Dubai Mall, reported the revenue of AED539 million ($147 million) all through the first quarter of 2017.

The company, also manage Dubai Marina Mall, Souk Al Bahar, Gold & Diamond Park and several more community shopping malls.

A report says from January 2017 to March 2017, China delivered 230,000 overnight visitors, up 64% compared to the same period in 2016, while India, which is Dubai’s single largest tourism source market, creates a record nearly 580,000 visitors, with a huge 23% development in arrivals between January and March.

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June 10 2017


The Future of the Shopping Malls

Most of the consumers don’t consider the difference between online and offline shopping. Whether it is searching in a laptop, walking out on street shops or at the shopping mall — it’s all about shopping. To find your feet to the competitive new reality, smart sellers are drawing an usual retailing fact of the past and adding those things for now.

Basically shopping malls are defined as “A complex, which consists of one or more buildings or shops representing Merchandisers with interconnected walkways allow the visitors to walk from building to another.”

Here shopping malls in Dubai not only having shops, it includes the restaurant, theaters, electronics shops, grocery shop, entertainment places. Based on these features Dubai shopping malls are looking for to stay relevant, increase growth and enhance the efficiency.

Make a Distinction customer offers, with a focus on experience and convenience

Advantages of Online shopping is, it can provide consumers with vital levels of convenience. Shopping Malls will not at all be able to compete with the continuous product selection, price comparisons. Instead, shopping malls need to move in a different approach, away from commoditized shopping experiences and toward a wide value proposal for consumers.

To overcome the commoditization problem, create a specific region within the mall that allow customers to locate an area that outfit for them. For example, in “The Dubai Mall” “Fashion Avenue” is an area entirely dedicated to luxury and top most brands and services adapted to the customer, and it includes a separate outside entrance and parking area for this “Fashion Avenue”.

Upgrade the Shopping Mall experience by Multichannel Policy

The Upgrade is not all bad news for shopping malls it always focuses on the new technology of upgradations. These technologies keep to connecting with consumers throughout their decision journeys.

There are 3 primary ways in which Shopping malls are leveraging technology:

First, create a relationship with customers before and after they visit the shopping mall. This is about engaging customers through deeper bonds via advertisement, social media, apps, and as well as loyalty programs.

Secondly, Shopping malls are utilizing the latest technology to alter the shopping mall appearance and usability as a way of improving the customer happiness.

Thirdly, Shopping malls are using digital potentials to make the customers shopping experience to the next level. It is significant for the shopping mall takes a more energetic role in determining the shopping experience, either by acting more like a seller or by partnering with them.

Examination of Latest formats and Commercial Real Estate opening

Today, most innovative shopping mall looks nothing like their predecessors. Even though location makes the key real estate thought for shopping malls. Nowadays you can see that shopping mall are now creating a more natural impression of their interior and exterior design, installing wood walls and floors, plants and trees, waterfalls, and lots of glass for getting natural lighting. Such fundamentals help mall superior blend in with their surroundings.

Author Bio:

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May 18 2017


Top 7 Latest Attractions of Dubai in 2017

The world’s enthusiasm for the latest, tallest and best ever addition to the United Arab Emirates is insatiable. So we already started the new year, as the UAE continues to build in advance in terms of both technology and architecture. Now you are going to check out these 7 new attractions of Dubai 2017.

Deira Islands:

At first, it is labeled as Palm Deira, then this project is named and re-branded as Deira Islands. The most important attraction is Deira Night Souq, a contemporary analysis of the traditional Arabic Souq and will be located next to Deira Mall. And it is also rumored to be a fourth new water park in Dubai following Aquaventure, Wild Wadi, and LegoLand.

Dubai Frame:

Located at Zabeel Park, this frame presents a unique outlook on the metropolis from the sky bridge. In the beginning, it was scheduled to open for National Day 2015, Soon this Dubai Frame will open very soon and became a landmark of the city. On one end, Dubai’s skyline of tallest towers will take prominence. While at the other end, the hustle and bustle of the older areas of Bur Dubai and Deira will able to see. After opening this Dubai Frame, you’ll see ‘new’ or ‘old’ Dubai.

Etihad Museum:

The Etihad Museum officially opened to the public on the 7th January, it attracts visitors on a journey before the country is founded. The architecture of the building itself planned and designed in the outline of a manuscript, the seven columns are a symbol of the pens used to sign the Union agreement.

Legoland Water Park:

The Legoland Water Park is now partially open and despite by Dubai Parks & Resorts planned to open on October 31st last year, But this water park is still yet to open. It is specifically designed for children’s, Legoland Waterpark has a large number of 20 water slides, a raft river and a Lego wave pool where you can make your own custom Lego raft.

The Crystal Pond:

The first part of the magnificence development in Dubai’s most recent residential area, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City. The centerpiece will be the world’s biggest crystal clear Pond, its initial stage is already prepared. The pond has been flooded and it covers the surface of 1.4 hectares at a depth of 2.45m. After completion of the entire project, it will become a sequence of interconnecting ponds forming the world’s leading man-made Pond ever.

Dubai Crocodile Park:

Almost 50% of this Dubai Crocodile Park are completed. It is also considered as home to Nile Crocodiles which is the largest freshwater species in the world located close to Dubai Safari. This Crocodile Park built at 20,000 square meters and it is facilitated hundreds of crocodiles and serving them to grow and reproduce in nature.

The Dubai Eye / Bluewaters Island:

Make sure it is one of the largest and the tallest Ferris wheel in the World. The main attraction will provide visitors with views of the Palm Jumeirah and the Atlantis Hotel. This tallest Ferris wheel is titled as Dubai Eye and it may be also named as Dubai Ain. Just imagine that it is standing at the height of 210m carry up to 1,400 passengers in 48 capsules and make sure this Dubai Eye definitely receive up to 3 million visitors a year.

Author Bio:

Dubai Shopping Malls create an attentive to their visitors for getting ready to experience these seven attractions of Dubai while visiting Best Shopping Malls in Dubai.

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